Injection Machine's




The box is very heavy!!!! Highly recommend help moving.

Below you will find the steps to unbox the crate. If you follow these directions this will go smoothly.





  1. Have a clear area to work on.
  2. The box is 20" X 20" X 20" & over 100 pounds so get help moving it.
  3. Face the box with the OPEN THIS SIDE towards you.
  4. Take the box cutter and cut the tape on the top of box.
  5. Then once you have the top free cut the right & left sides on the taped corners and then unfold the front.
  6. Once you have the front folded down remove the screws from the top of the crate and remove the top.
  7. Now that the top is off get some help to grab each side of the top of the machine and lift away from the box and put crate on clean work area.
  8. Take out the contents of the crate then get ready to remove the bolts from the base to remove the machine from crate.
  9. Now that the contents are removed you will need to remove the 4 bolts holding the machine to the crate.
  10. Now that the bolts are removed you can now take the machine out.
  11. KEEP ALL HARDWARE AND CRATE!!!! If you ever sell the machine or need to send back for any reason this will be required for warranty.